Payroll for Accountants

Payroll Outsourcing for Accountants

Daniel Chartered Certified Accountant provides a fully comprehensive payroll outsourcing solution for Accountancy Practices, who would like to offer a payroll service to their clients but who do not wish to take full responsibility to process Payrolls themselves.

This would enable your business to continue to generate the revenue for this service in conjunction with your accountancy fees, but with the following benefits:

  • The opportunity of maintaining a healthy margin by invoicing clients direct.
  • No need to employ payroll person and therefore reducing administrative cost.
  • Money saved on Payroll software and the additional cost due to auto enrolment.
  • No need to update knowledge on payroll legislation
  • Managing the payroll ‘behind the scenes’ where you submit and receive all the payroll information and paperwork, but we will not have any direct contact with your client. They will not be aware of the fact that you have outsourced their payroll to us.


Why should we outsource our payroll services to you?

  • Cost will be low as we provide payroll to many clients
  • Security – We are required by law to maintain data protection act and data security and confidentiality very seriously. All the data are stored on a secured server.
  • Reliability – it will remove the risk of not being paid due to unforeseen circumstances

Our team of expertly dedicated and experienced members will provide you with tailored payroll service to fulfil your requirements.

How much will it cost to outsource my payroll functions to you?

This entirely depends on how many employees you have and how often they are paid. Basically, there are no extra charges if you have lots of payment/deductions or should you require frequent reports. You are only charged the amount initially agreed in advance meaning that there will be no surprises as there will be a fixed fee.

How will payroll outsourcing save me money?

Due to economies of scale we enjoy we can afford to pass on our cost savings to our client.

In addition, if you take in to account the payroll staff salaries and Employer NI as well as the pension requirement under the Auto enrolment ( Pension ) which comes in to effect. Also the stationary and cartridge ink cost should be taken in to account as well.

How long will it take to outsource our payroll service to you?

Realistically speaking it would take us two to three days to complete the whole process.

What happens at the end of the tax year?

We will send everything to you in due course which is during the first tax month of the fiscal year.